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Monday, May 4, 2009

Green Dust

I’ve been really unhappy with myself for buying disposable dusters such as the ones from Swiffer™ or Pledge™. On the other hand, they worked really well. You can poke them into places that you can’t reach as easily with your hand and a dust cloth, and they hold the dust much better than feather dusters. 

What’s my simple solution? 

Today I made a handful of reusable dusters from leftover fleece. They fit the same disposable duster handle, and after use I can just pop them in the wash and they will be ready to go again. 

They couldn’t be easier to make. Cut two pieces of fleece the same shape as a disposable duster – roughly 4 inches wide by 7 inches long. Round the top edges a bit and taper the bottom edge toward the center. 

Now match the two pieces with wrong sides together. Stitch a seam down the center from top to bottom stopping about ¾ inch from the bottom. Stitch two more seams on either side of the first approximately ¾ inch away from the center. Finally stitch very close to outer edge along sides and top. 

That’s it. Slip it onto you existing handle. Use a dusting spray if desired and when it is loaded with dust, just slip a new one on and throw the dirty one in the wash.  You’ll be saving money and saving the landfill from 100 or more disposable dusters you would use each year.


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