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Friday, July 29, 2011

Roll and Go Baby Changing Pad

Earlier in the week I shared a quilt with you that I made for a young couple who are having their first baby (a boy) next month. I've also made them another baby item that I've made in the past. This roll and go changing pad has been a real hit.
In fact, based on advice from moms, I've made this couple two to coordinate with the custom quilt I designed to match her nursery colors. The fabric is Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit (Westminster Fibers) and though it’s not at all babyish, I think the gray, cream, and yellow works for a boy. 
Though I found the original pattern in this book, it doesn't really require a pattern. Just cut out two pieces of coordinating fabric 18” by 22” (or square up a couple of fat quarters). Add a piece of thin batting the same size, and a piece of 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon that is 16 inches long. Fold over one end of the ribbon and sew a small square of hook and loop (such as Velcro) to cover and secure the end. Now flip the ribbon over and sew the other half of the hook and loop 8 inches from the end (about the middle) of the ribbon.
Your next step is to layer one piece of fabric (the one that will be the inside – in this case the solid gray) and the batting with wrong sides together. Stitch three seams from one long side to the other as shown in the diagram.
Layer the piece you just joined with the other piece of fabric (the outside), with right sides together. Batting will be on the outside. Insert the ribbon half way down the long side between the two pieces of fabric. Make sure that the hook and loop piece on the end of the ribbon is facing in the same direction as the outside fabric and that the opposite end will be caught in the seam. Stitch all the way around the four sides of the rectangle leaving an opening to turn the piece right side out. Trim corners and turn right side out, making sure to get corners sharp, and press. Top stitch close to edge on all four sides to secure the opening and finish the edges.
Fold and roll the changing pad as shown in the video and secure it with your ribbon/hook and loop strap. Toss it in the diaper bag or bottom of the stroller and you will always have a clean place to change the baby, no matter where you are.
And about that book, buy it! Even though this simple project doesn’t need a pattern, there are so many other cute baby things in there you will be glad to have it. 

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