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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ansel Adams Tribute 2

I’ve been away for a bit and (arrgh) the posts I cued up to post while away didn’t. So it goes. Where was I? Well this might give left coast folks a clue
Yes. That’s part of the view from our hotel room balcony in Hollywood.
We also took in an baseball game between the Anaheim Angels and New York Yankees on September 11th, with an inspiring pre-game remembrance ceremony.

Now I’m home and back in the studio to finish off the second in my series of Ansel Adams tribute wall hangings. This one was inspired by "Church, Taos Pueblo" by Ansel Adams 1942 (photo from the National Archive).

Unlike Tribute One, which was predominately developed with fabric and paint, this new work uses heavy thread painting over just a few large fabric pieces to provide depth and texture.
It’s a technique my machine and I are still learning. I need to work on basic drawing skills to improve perspective and color (or shades of gray) values, but I don’t hate the result. 
As with Tribute One, I began with a photo-shopped cutout, though with less detail this time.
Next time I think I'll try a piece where I draw the basic shapes directly onto one large piece of fabric and start thread painting from there. I also need to experiment with stabilizers so that the areas with heavy thread work don't draw up and distort the overall image so much. But it's all about the adventure for me. I just love trying different techniques - even if I do end up reinventing the wheel on occasion. I learn so much from my mistakes! What new thing did you teach yourself lately?

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