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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Stash That Keeps On Giving

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I had a pretty good size pile of remnants and scraps left over when I finished the latest Wonky Log Cabin quilt. The technique of building wonky log cabin blocks can also be applied to building a larger piece of fabric which is then cut using a pattern to make something else. I've used the technique to make everything from scrappy holiday oven mitts to bags.
Wonky Crisscrossed Bag

Basically you start in the center and just continue to add on strips of fabric until you have a piece large enough for whatever you want to cut out. For this project I built up about a half yard of the aqua colorway and another of the lime. For the lining I had pieces that were large enough to cut out of whole cloth, which is probably a good idea. I’m not sure how well a pieced lining would hold up with sharp items like pens and keys going in and out.
If you want to try something similar with your leftovers, the pattern for my crisscrossed bag can be found here.
Conventional Crisscrossed Bag
The downside of buying 11 yards of fabric because you love the entire line is that I’m still left with all of this.

I’m thinking about making some wonky pillow shams!

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