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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pattern Writing is Killing Me!

But I keep doing it. This last project was much easier to make than to document. It was a pretty organic thing that changed and evolved from the original design as I found things that didn’t work or were harder than they needed to be. The bag was made for a favorite Aunt’s birthday in February. It should have been for Christmas, but you know how that goes. Anyway, the pattern is finally done and posted on
I’ve made quite a few bags this year. This one was for my Mother-in-law for Christmas, and is a modified and embellished version of my basic project bag pattern. It included a matching accessory bag and features a patchwork pocket on the front and a piece of handmade filet crochet lace on the back pocket.
That piece of lace was my beginner project in filet crochet and I had no idea if I would ever use it for anything – it makes a good argument for never throwing anything away.
I also designed a sweet little bag for my grandniece. She is five and mad about pink. This Rowan handknit cotton was perfect. It will hold up to childish handling and if necessary is even washable.
I lined it with a little scrap of quilter’s cotton that I had left over from an earlier project. What was that I said about never throwing anything away?
This bag is only about six inches across and I decided it would be a cute little evening bag for mom too. So I made up that version as well with a sparkly beaded yarn from Tilli Tomas’ Flurries line. I added a button hole and used a bead I had hanging around for the button. What did I say about…
And yes, these patterns are online too. In fact it’s two for one since I always try to include some variations and options at the end of my patterns. Here's that link.
But enough about bags. Today I’m working on an embroidery project. Picture paisley designs worked in thread and beads on a deep teal gauze. I thought it would make a fun summer wrap. More on that as it progresses. 

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