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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Challenge

Amy's Creative Side

Amy Ellis over at Amy's Creative Side has issued a challenge.
"You decide, what’s reasonable for you to get done in a weeks time, and tell me your goal in the commentsNext Monday, I will have a linky and you can link to your blog/flickr post, and show off your met goal!"
My goal? Put together the quilt top squares for a quilt-as-you go project I want to take in the car this weekend. We are headed up to Nashville, which is about a 4 1/2 hour drive each way.
The fabrics I've chosen for this project are actually pretty subtle shades of green, blue and gold, though this photo does not do it justice. My Pentax is giving me fits this morning, so I hope you'll forgive my worse than usual photo. I don't expect to finish the quilt, but if I can get the sandwich squares (12 inches on a side) ready, I can work on the quilting with a lap hoop in the car.
That is if our adorable 70 pound dog doesn't decide she needs to sit in my lap the whole way. The finished quilt will make a baby quilt sized throw for our living room. It will also double as a foil for Lady who thinks the leather chair near the window is the perfect place to watch for us to return. Her claws have already scratched the leather, so I'm hoping the throw will protect it from actual punctures and tears on those days when we rush out and forget to close the doors to that room. 
Either way, whether I meet my goal or not, I'll publish a post with a progress report when we return next Monday. 

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