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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Intentions

I had such good intentions for writing today. You see I’ve been summoned for jury duty. Based on past experience that means I will spend most of the day sitting in a large room with other grumpy citizens waiting to be called for voir dire. And, as we all know from “Law and Order” episodes, that is the part where the lawyers ask you a bunch of questions and you try to think of answers that will make you an unacceptable juror. In reality, we almost never get to that point. Either the miscreant … oops, sorry, accused, will take a plea deal, or he will simply fail to show up for court. In either case, at that point we will all be dismissed with the thanks of the court and sent home with a check for $25 dollars.
I thought these otherwise wasted hours would be a great time to write a few blog articles and patterns that have been stacking up on the desk. I dutifully makd sure I had art for everything I wanted to write about, loaded all of my files onto a thumb drive, borrowed Mark’s snazzy lightweight laptop and dug out the computer case that I used back when I lived in the corporate world and had to haul a computer around with me. I emptied out all of the ancient flash card readers that no longer fit any device known to man, and loaded up the bag with computer, jury summons, wallet, etc. and headed downtown.
After checking in and finding an uncomfy seat in the jury assembly room I pulled out the computer and freaked! Where is the thumb drive? Well apparently it’s sitting on the counter in the kitchen. Or maybe it’s on the sideboard in the dining room. My other purse? Who knows. All I know is that I don’t have the art I need to tell my stories. Ah well. The best laid plans...

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