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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Said Selvage, not Salvage!

I saw a great post for beginners on the American Quilt Society blog this morning. Sylvia Thomas wrote a piece called Don't Let Your Selvage Languish. While it provides a good primer on the selvage edge as defined by a quilter or anyone who sews (along with diagram explaining fabric grain), it also got me thinking about the pile of selvage strips I've saved.

I generally cut a 1 ½ inch strip so that I remove all of the selvage and just a bit of the fabric print as well. This also leaves a sufficient margin to actually join the strips and make something of them. 

But what to make?

Cute tissue holder or eyeglass case Cute tissue holder or eyeglass case.

So many great ideas. I think I’ll make a small wall hanging, and maybe a basket. More to follow…

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