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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Selvage Talk

I’m working on ideas for that wall hanging made of selvage strips. Something long and narrow to hang in this space,
Because, really, that painting that I got talked into buying at one of those art-by-the-yard house parties doesn’t do anything for me.
I can’t decide if I want to try for a conscious color scheme or just make it a jumble. Here are a few of the combinations I’m auditioning

The orangy, yellow, brown, red pile in the background probably works best in that space to compliment glimpses of adjacent rooms. It will hang in a hallway. But I’m so drawn to blues, limey greens and aqua lately. I might just have to make both.
This leads me to a question for my quilting friends. Someone asked me the other day if I sell my quilts or if I have a warehouse someplace. He obviously thinks I’m far more prolific than I really am, but still it’s a fair question.
I have to make at least one example of everything I design just to have pictures for the pattern. Some are destined to be gifts for family and friends.

Some we use every day,

and still others sit on shelves and in trunks hither and yon.
I’ve never tried to sell my quilts, and I’ve only sold bags when they were commissioned in advance. Often enough I hear that the quilt market in the United States has been ruined by cheap imports from overseas. Do you sell your quilts? Leave a comment and let us know your secrets of success.

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