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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trivets to Table Runners

Whenever we visit family we have typical farmhouse meals with a half dozen hot side dishes. Each of these needs a trivet or hot pad to protect the table, making the five minutes before we sit down to eat a real scramble. It occurred to me that an insulated table runner would help the pre-dinner rush, and make a pretty table.
With that in mind, I set about designing a couple of table runners that matched two different sets of dishes we sometimes use.
Franciscan Apple at Aunt Pat's table
Franciscan Desert Rose at my mother-in-law's house
I picked two theme fabrics to tie to the dishes, and then others to coordinate.

The design for the table runner tops was quite straightforward, but I embellished the design by adding appliqué to extend the theme fabric elements beyond the lines of the blocks.

I further enhanced the runners by hand quilting ¼ inch from the seams and around the appliqué.

The batting in the quilt sandwich is Insul-bright, which provides an added layer of heat protection.

A set of coordinating napkins for each table runner completed the gifts, and will make table setting easy the next time we visit.


  1. You know? I have been thinking about starting a new table runner and a set of napkins for the folks in the grey cottage ... I always seem to give my quilted projects away and it seems time to make something for Hiel and I to share with guests. The idea of insulated batting on a runner is a great idea! I am, though, going to spring for real linen napkins. When I made those napkins last year for my friends' daughter and her new husband, I loved the result! Made them over large to allow for some shrinkage and recommended a Scotchguard spray for grease protection... did you see those photos?

  2. @Susan. I do remember those napkins. Real linen is a great idea. I've never tried the scotch guard spray, but will have to get some and experiment. Might be a great way to treat items you are making for babies too. I tend to go with white cotton damask for napkins when I can find it. Then I pre-treat or bleach if need be.